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What is Footballhost.com?

Football. The true global game. Whether it’s the Kop at Anfield or standing alongside the ultras at River Plate the fan experience is unique across all corners of this planet.

We believe the true way to really experience football isn’t sat in a padded seat behind a glass screen with a prawn sandwich in hand, it’s in amongst it - with the true fans.

Seeing what they see, chanting what they chant and worshipping alongside them, language barriers are broken down and lifetime relationships are formed.

Until now this has been too hard, too much red tape, too much hassle. Footballhost will change all that.
Footballhost.com is a platform connecting fans worldwide.

Complete Football Experience

  • Pre-match

  • Match

  • Post-match

Why Football Host?

All Football Host experiences are hosted in person by the fans themselves, providing a unique and authentic experience that can’t be replicated.

Our Football hosts commit delivering a high-quality experience to every guest, prioritising safety and security above all else, alongside being passionate, personable and trustworthy.

Football host packages consist of:

  • Pre match experience: Hosts could pick you up from hotel or accomodation and take you to the ground. Taking the routes the fans take, the best pre- match burger, the most lively bars...

  • The Match: Where required hosts can invite guests  to the game. You could watch with the host, singing every word, side by side , or simply the host will help you getting your match tickets.

  • After match: The fun continues (especially after a big win), your Host can take you for a meal or just give some advice on the best places to visit, or even take you back to your hotel.

Each host offers their own service. Just pick up the one you want.


Isamu Kato


It was amazing the experience I lived with the host Juan Pablo, 100% recommended, I think we should all live this experience at least once in a lifetime. Juan Pablo took me to the La Previa de Irala, where all the Boca Juniors fans come together before the match, and it was spectacular. I could see from the inside how Boca's matches are lived.

Camilo Rodríguez


Thanks for this experience Pedro Pablo, it was very nice to visit the legendary culé tavern Bodega Joan and be able to take pictures with the replicas of the trophies. I enjoyed watching the match live from the Camp Nou and cheering the team in good company. Undoubtedly I will repeat!

Martín Fernández


To thank my host Sebastian, he accompanied me at all times during my experience in Montevideo, he showed me the most touristic places in the city and then we went to live the Pre-match, surrounded by a unique atmosphere with chants and drums, It was really beautiful.


Please contact us here.

Every league has its own criteria. But we encourage you to be in contact with the host in order to make all arrangements prior to travelling.

This is not possible on Footballhost.com, you have to buy the full package offered by our hosts.

That would be great! This will really help us spread the word about Football Host.

Just pick the team and match you want to attend, and you can then will choose from the different hosts offering different experiences. You will be pay a booking fee at first to secure the hosts time. Additional transactions will then take place with the host.

If the host includes a ticket in the experience, then yes. This will be very clear in the listing. We know that some fans already have tickets or want to travel in large groups. We understand that fans like to arrange these details themselves. Take into account you only pay footballhost.com a booking fee. Every host has their own individual conditions about payment afterwards. Some might want a deposit or full amount to be paid after the booking, we allow fans and hosts to arrange this amongst themselves.

In general yes, but hosts can offer longer experiences and accommodation.

Tickets will be supplied on the day of the match when you meet the host in person.

This is fine. Hosts can offer match day experiences outside of supplying tickets.

We encourage guests to read previous reviews of the host in order to make any decisions. If any problems arise during your experience you can contact us here.

The Footballhost.com booking fee is non refundable. The fees of the experience money will be agreed with hosts on an individual basis.

The Footballhost.com booking fee can not be cancelled regardless. The postponing of the experience has to be agreed with host.