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We already have a host for La Liga Alajuelense

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11 Dec · 5 min Read.

Estatua Alejandro Morera SotoThe La Liga Deportiva Alajuelense team, also known as La Liga, is one of the most important and most popular teams in the National League of Costa Rica and one of the 3 oldest in all of Central America. It has a support of 40% of the population of the whole country, which makes it the most admired team in all of Costa Rica. It was founded on June 18, 1919 and during his long history he has won a large number of titles: 29 National Titles, 10 cups of Costa Rica, 2 Concacaf Champions League, 3 Uncaf Interclub Cups and 1 Central American Championship.

In addition, it has been the club of origin of great stars who have later ended up playing in Europe, such as Alejandro Morera Soto, known as “The Magician of the Ball”, who played in FC Barcelona. Surely the best player in the history of the club, that is why the stadium has his name and in 2016 an honorary statue was built at the entrance to the venue.

Pablo Soto, our La Liga host

For all these reasons, La Liga Alajuelense could not miss a good host so that La Previa Liga Alajuelensepeople from all over the world could live an incredible football experience with the largest team in Costa Rica. Our host is called Pablo Soto, and he will be your travel companion for all La Liga Alajuelense matches at the Alejandro Morera Soto stadium.

Pablo Soto is a member of the red and black club since he was born, at age 4 he started going to the stadium every weekend with his father, from whom he inherited love for La Liga. Today at the age of 26, he continues to go to all matches with friends and other fans because as he tells us, the best way to live the matchday is to do it surrounded by other fans. Such is his fanaticism for the team that from many years ago he attends the away matches, traveling inside and outside of Costa Rica.

La Liga experience

If you buy your La Liga Deportiva Alajuelense tickets with our host Pablo, he will take you to live the pre-match in the mythical bars and restaurants that are a meeting point between manudos fans, so you can enjoy the atmosphere and savor the typical food of the country, like "ceviche" or "casado", always accompanied by your host. In addition, during the morning before the game, Pablo will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the most tourist places of Alajuela so that you know firsthand the history and culture of his home town.

Liga Alajuelense Prepartido

Once in the stadium, you can enjoy the best views of the entire stadium and feel very close to the players and the grass, since Pablo's seats are in the lower part of the Tribune area, very close to the benches, ideal to cheer players and sing the many songs along with the rest of the fans. The stadium, with capacity for 18,000 spectators, is the only stadium in all of Central America that only works with solar energy, this and the hybrid grass make it one of the most modern and sustainable stadiums in the world.

Liga Alajuelense fans

At the end of the match, if you want, Pablo will take you to live the post-match, celebrating the victory of the team with other fans and sharing a good "guaro" in one of the bars near the stadium. Then he will accompany you back to your hotel, at which time your experience with our host will end.

How to buy La Liga Alajuelense tickets?

If you want to know La Liga fans and enjoy with them the pre-match, the match and the post-match, do not hesitate to buy your La Liga Alajuelense experience with our host Pablo on Football Host!

Buy your experience with Pablo

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