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Football in the Commune 13

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20 Jan · 5 min Read.

Sebas, our Atletico Nacional host

Our host par excellence of Atletico Nacional attended the Atanasio Girardot stadium for the first time in 1999, in the championship final between Atletico Nacional and América de Cali on December 16 of that year. That day, when Atletico Nacional was crowned the league champion, was enshrined one of the most faithful and exemplary fans of green and white team. We talked about Sebas, a member of Rey de Copas for almost 20 years and a member of the Atletico Nacional fan club known as “Los del Sur”. He is currently also the leader of one of the most representative combos of the fan club.

Sebas with Atlético Nacional fans

Feeling part of "Los del Sur" helped him a lot to overcome the precarious conditions in which he and his family lived due to the war conflict between the government and the armed groups. So much so, that today Sebas is a social actor in his commune (Comuna 13), the most hit during the war.

Sebas contributes with his social work, helping to take out young people from the streets to change the course towards a better life, so that they do not have to pass what he and many other young people had to suffer.

Commune 13

As he tells us, the legacy he leaves to his two children is the values of Atletico Nacional, the endurance for his beloved team, encouraging throughout the game and feeling part of a group that opened him the doors and changed his life.

Sebas in Atanasio Girardot Stadium

Atletico Nacional Experience

The experience with our host to live the matchday and know the history of the commune begins in the district of San Javier, in the commune 13. Once there, Sebas will take you through the bright escalators and the metrocable while telling you all the details about the war, street art and all the changes that the commune has been suffering in recent years.

Bright escalators Comunne 13

It will be a good time to take pictures of the famous graffiti in the area and meet the street artists that give life to them.

Street Art Commune 13

After spending a couple of hours touring the commune 13, Sebas will take you to one of the restaurants in the commune to taste the typical food of Medellín, such as bandeja paisa, fríjoles antioqueños, sancocho antioqueñosopa de mondongo antioqueño or chorizo and roasted meats.

Once you have been able to delight yourself with the best local food, we continue on towards Atanasio Girardot Stadium, the home of Atletico Nacional. During the trip to the stadium and as you approach the venue, you can feel the incredible atmosphere that is breathed with the songs along with other fans. Upon arrival at the stadium, Sebas will take photos with the majestic stadium in the background and then enter the field together. The Atletico Nacional tickets of our host are located on the first level of one of the shortsides, just behind the goals. That is the area where fans really give it their all and where you can see first hand how Atletico Nacional match is lived with local fans.

Sebas with "Los del Sur" fans
At the end of the match, Sebas will accompany you to your hotel, in that moment the experience with our host of Atletico Nacional will end.

How to buy Atletico Nacional tickets?

If you want to live a match in Medellin in the first person and learn about the life of commune 13, buy your Atletico Nacional tickets on Football Host and live the full experience accompanied by our host Sebas!

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