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Pedro Pablo Bonilla, much more than a host

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15 Aug · 10 min Read.

Pedro Pablo, our FC Barcelona host

Pedro Pablo Bonilla Ospina, born in Santiago de Cali (Colombia) in 1969, is passionate about FC Barcelona, who finds it difficult to imagine his life without Barça. His close relationship with the team began in 2000, when he arrived in Barcelona.

His relationship with Barça players

Pedro Pablo began to travel officially with the first team in 2006, sharing hundreds of in flight hours with some of the best players in the world. Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Deco, Xavi or Iniesta, gained a new travel companion who, establish a friendly relationship with many of them.

Pedro Pablo host with Xavi, Inesta and Ronaldinho

This experience has led Pedro Pablo to be interviewed by some of the most famous television and radio stations in Spain and Colombia, getting to be known by many of the Barça fans, who admire his work and value his contribution within this family that is Barça.

Surely, we talked about Pedro Pablo with some envy, because he has been able to follow the team during his most glorious time, first during the era of Pep Guardiola on the bench, getting that historical sextet, and then with the "triple" won in 2015, which for sure he will be remembered for the magical gold trident (Messi, Suárez and Neymar).Pedro Pablo host with Neymar

But as he explains, during the last few years there has been a player who has made history with this team, and that his time in Barcelona will be engraved in the memory of all the fans who will have had the privilege of being able to see play, surely, the best player of all time, we talk about the Argentine Lionel Messi. In all the trips of the team to any part of the world, people always associate Barcelona with Barça and Barça with Messi. This is an example of the media impact that this small player has achieved, which has managed to leave the world truly speechless.

Pedro Pablo tells us that Messi is a 10 out of 10 player but also as a person, since he never has a "no" to take a picture with a fan or sign an autograph. Pedro Pablo has shared many moments with the players of the first team, but not only with the players, but also with their family and friends, being able to know even more these football stars, who after all, also have a life outside of the game.

Pedro Pablo host with Messi

As an unconditional Barça fan, Pedro Pablo follows the team in all his travels and never misses Camp Nou matches. Tireless and persistent, he encourages the team during the 90 minutes, even in moments where everything seems lost.

For all that, Pedro Pablo is an amazing football host, and he did not hesitate to upload his experience on our website, the perfect way so that Pedro Pablo could share with all his guests an endless stories, anecdotes and experiences that he has lived with the Barça players. Buying your Camp Nou tickets with Football Host, you can live with Pedro Pablo a completely different football experience.

FC Barcelona experience

The experience of our host Pedro Pablo starts with the pre-match in a legendary tavern in Barcelona, ​​Bodega Joan, headquarters of the Peña Barcelonista Joan Gamper (FC Barcelona founder) where you can enjoy the best local food and take photos with the replicas of the trophies. An authentic Barça sanctuary full of photos, t-shirts and objects dedicated to the culé team, which in a way looks like a museum.

Pedro Pablo Host in Bodega Joan

One hour before the game, Pedro Pablo will drive you to the majestic Camp Nou so you can take fantastic photos inside and outside the biggest stadium in Europe. Then, sitting next to your host who will accompany you at all times, you will be able to enjoy a live match of the team and watch closely the idol of all Barça fans, Leo Messi. After almost 2 hours cheering the team, singing the Barça songs and celebrating the goals with your host and the local fans, Pedro Pablo will take you back to the agreed meeting point.

Pedro Pablo Host in Camp Nou

How to buy FC Barcelona tickets?

If you want Pedro Pablo tells you countless anecdotes with the best players in the world, take you to the best pre-match in Barcelona or show you the main Barça songs and chants, buy your FC Barcelona tickets on our website and live a unique experience at the Camp Nou!

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