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Isamu Kato traveled 33 hours to live the experience with Juan Pablo

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20 Jun · 5 min Read.

Isamu Kato was born in Yokohama (Japan) but currently lives and works in Saitama, in a food and medicine packaging factory. His love affair with the Argentine club began in 2000, when they played in Tokio against Real Madrid in the Intercontinental Cup.

In November 2018 and with the Copa Libertadores final at stake, Isamu Kato set out to travel to Buenos Aires to see the Xeneize team alongside the local fans. To do this, he requested a day of leave at work giving him only 24 hours in Buenos Aires. A few hours after landing in Argentina, Isamu received the terrible news that the final between Boca and River had been postponed due to the extreme weather conditions. Because of the impossibility of changing his flight and missing more days at work, he had to return home without watching the match.

The experience with Juan Pablo, our Boca Juniors host

Before arriving in Buenos Aires, Isamu had used Football Host to make contact with a local fan who offered him the opportunity to spend the matchday with him: the pre-match, the match and post-match. Isamu didn't hesitate to buy La Bombonera tickets through our website. The fan who hosted him was Juan Pablo, a Boca supporter who accompanied Isamu at all times and even provided himIsamu with Juan Pablo with a place a stay.

La Previa de Irala

Juan Pablo, as host of Boca took Isamu to see how the fans live the moments before a match of this magnitude. The main meeting point for Boquenses fans is in "La Previa de Irala", located in Irala street in La Boca neighborhood, a few meters from La Bombonera. In this mythical place, the Boca fans meet several hours before the match to discuss the team's latest news and especially to sing together the main chants and songs of the Boquenses, generating a family atmosphere and fraternity in which everyone shares the same unique passion.

Our Guest Isamu Kato did not hesitate to join the party and despite his difficulties in speaking Spanish (as can be seen in the video), he sang his heart out, another sign that football has no borders.


In the middle of Irala Street, hundreds of fans gather to fill the street with the same color. Neither are usually missing the traditional barbecue (Argentinian asado) that we can contemplate in the middle of the walkway and in which Hernán, the owner of the local Previa, ensures that everyone can taste to gather strength and not fail to cheer their team.

Isamu with Juan Pablo in the pre-match

The match

After doing the Pre-match, Isamu Kato together with Juan Pablo and the rest of the fans danced to the rhythm of the drums towards La Bombonera. Once there they started again withIsamu in La Bombonera stadium the Xeinezes songs, without a doubt the peak moment of the Boca Juniors experience, in which he could feel very close to the players and although finally the match didn't start due to the heavy rain, Isamu left with one of the best football experiences of his life.

Despite the 33h flight and several stops, the $ 2400 spent, the heavy rain and the terrible news of not being able to see the match, Isamu Kato took the plane back to Japan with a ear-to-ear smile and wanting to return soon to Argentina.

How to buy Boca Juniors tickets?

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