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Football and street art in Banfield

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15 Nov · 5 min Read.

Sebas, our Banfield host

Sebastian is a Banfield superfan who has been host for fans around the world for Sebastián Hostmany years. The white and green team was founded in 1986 by English, Scottish and Irish (hence its colors) being one of the oldest and most historic teams all over Argentina. Great players like James Rodriguez, Javier Zanetti or José Luis "garrafa" wore the club shirt.

Sebas is part of the Peña Luis Guillón, which attending in the tribune zone of the stadium, where a peaceful and familiar atmosphere reigns at all times, because as they say "in Banfield we are like a big family". And so it is, the Lencho Sola is the only stadium in Argentina that the tribune does not have the perimeter fence that separates the stands from the pitch, so it offers a magnificent view of the entire field and you can feel closer to the players.

Florencio Sola Stadium

Banfield experience

The experience with our host begins in the microcenter, where Sebas will take you to see the most important tourist attractions of the city (among them the famous street murals) so you can take good photos. In addition, as a good knowledgeable of your city, he will tell you the history and symbolism of street art in the city of Banfield as well as many other details and places that only local people know. Throughout the tour there will also be time to buy souvenirs, t-shirts or any merchandise from Banfield Athletic Club.

Arte Callejero Banfield
Later, Sebas will take you to live the pre-match with fans in a square next to the stadium, where all the fans of the team always meet, so that you join the party and you can savor one of the most typical snacks of the country, the "choripán", accompanied of course with a good beer.


Finally, once the pre-match one is finished, accompanied by your host and all the crowd of fans, you will head to Florencio Sola Stadium to live a Banfield match in the first person, surrounded at all times by other fans with whom you can continue singing the main team chants and cheering players.

Banfield fans

As a good photographer, Sebas will make you an extensive photo report so that you have a good memory of your Banfield experience and the friendship that you will surely create with our host. Because if one thing has football and especially Football Host, it unites a very diverse people and cultures that have the same passion.

How to buy Banfield tickets?

Buy your Banfield tickets on Football Host and you will be able live football in the first person and do it as a fan, the best way to discover how football really is lived is by doing it with a local fan.

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