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Leandro Rogani and his passion for Independiente

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17 Sep · 5 min Read.

Leandro, our Independiente host

This week's host is a fan of the Club Atlético Independiente de Avellaneda, the club with more titles in all of South America. Leandro Rogani, known by his friends as Leon, has had a life completely linked to his city club, we could say that since he was born he is a faithful fan of the King of Cups, thanks in part to his father and his brother who transmitted him the love for these colors. Therefore, could not miss in our list of Argentine hosts.

Currently, Leon continues to go to all the red devils matches with his brother and friends, because as he tells us, the best way to enjoy the Independiente matches is to be surrounded by fans who share your same passion. That is why Leon considered appropriate sign up as a host on our website, because he always has been wanting to share his passion with other fans from all over the world. In this way, anyone who wants to live the experience offered by Leon can buy Independiente de Avellaneda tickets in Football Host.

Estadio Libertadores de América

Leandro always enjoys the matches from the same sector of the stadium, the Platea area located on longside zone, because besides being one of the best areas to see the immensity of the stadium, it is a safe and comfortable place where you can feel part of Avellanedense fans, singing tPre-match Independiente Avellanedahe main songs and cheering incessantly surrounded by all fans.

Independiente experience

The starting point of the experience with your host will be at Avellaneda station, located 20 minutes from Buenos Aires downtown. Once there, our host will take you to live the Pre-match, which takes place in a brewery near the stadium. There you can enjoy a unique atmosphere accompanied by your host and fans of Independiente de Avellaneda, who will give you their hospitality and show you how the moments before a match are lived. Nor will the songs and drink be missing, keys to liven up the experience.

An hour before the kick off, you will enter the stadium with your Platea tickets and your host take you to your seat, in the best area to watch the game. After enjoying the whole game and celebrating the goals with Leon, he will accompany you to the nearest station and will show you how to get to your hotel by public transport.

How to buy Independiente tickets?

If you want to be the next guest of Leon and know from inside how the Independiente matches are lived, singing and celebrating the goals together with the local fans, do not hesitate to buy your football experience with Leon in Football Host!

Buy your experience with Leon

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