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What is a Football Host?

Football Host BallFootball Hosts are football fans who create unique experiences around their football clubs to share their passion with other fans around the world. Anyone with a unique knowledge about their football team can earn money offering an experience of watching their team as well as meeting other fans from all over the world.

Host & GuestA Football Host will take care of their guests on their visit to their beloved club. They can offer a pre-match experience, take charge of supplying the tickets (if they have them), and if needed offer an after-match experience.

Why be a Football Host?

  • Make new friends who share your passion

  • Share your local experience with other fans

  • Earn money with every experience sold

Experience Guidelines

All Football Host experiences are hosted in person by football fans to provide an authentic local fan experience and most importantly good time. All Football Host experiences welcome tourists and travelers to experience the game from an authentic and local perspective, meeting the local football community helping to strengthen the relationships between different clubs and soccer fans around the world.
Every Football host commits to delivering a high-quality experience to their guests, prioritising safety and security above all else, alongside being passionate, personable and trustworthy.

Flecha Football Host Pre-match:  Think how other fans around the world could experience your pre-match routine. The walk to the ground, the best pubs - the banter!

Flecha Football Host Match: you can fix up your for the guests to get their tickets so they have to worry about anything. You can buy them tickets, lend them your season cards, get them invitations, we don’t get involved with this, the fan is your guest. You can decide to seat together or not.

Flecha Football Host After-Match: Same as the pre-match, you might have the habit of going for a meal after the match, or just have another drink it’s up to you.

Exclamation Football HostOnly Pre-Match or After-Match experience’s are compulsory, match tickets are not. Nor is it mandatory that the pre-match or post-match have a football connotation only, you can agree with your guest to take him to discover the most emblematic places of the city for example. As a host, you decide what your experience will include and which places you will take your guests to.


Collection of experience

Check Football HostThe price of the experience is set by the host himself. There is no limit, but we do recommend that hosts set reasonable prices that correspond what their experience includes. Obviously, an experience that includes the match ticket will not have the same price as one that does not include it.

Check Football HostFootball Host charges the full price of your experience when the guest makes the booking on our website. After we will transfer your corresponding part with the method you have chosen in your profile. At Football Host we only charge 20% commission (+VAT), the rest is for you. To see the net profit of your experience, you can go to your match schedule and calculate your prices and earnings for each match.


Pedro Pablo


Barça superfan who knows the club first hand. He has been fortunate to be able to travel with FC Barcelona since 2006 and celebrate the titles with the entire squad. Without a doubt, Pedro Pablo will be able to tell you a lot of experiences that he has lived with the players.

Juan Pablo


Boca Juniors Host with which you can live the complete experience with the Boca fans. Enjoy the xeineze chants during the famous "Previa de Irala", taste a good "asado", walk towards La Bombonera to the rhythm of the drums and watch live a Boca Juniors match.


Costa Rica

Emilio is a fan and member of Deportivo Saprissa who will accompany you to watch a live match at the Ricardo Saprissa Aymá stadium. Hours before arriving at the stadium you can do the pre-match with him and all the fans of the "Peña Saprissa Somos Todos", where won't lack chants and good food.


Nothing, just your passion for a club. If you don’t have access to tickets you can still list on our site. You can create your account and upload your experience here. On your account you will find everything you need to create the experience and add tickets where applicable. You can set the prices for your time, upload pictures, respond to reviews… If you have any doubt about the registration or how the creation of experiences works, you can contact us here.

Just let us know here and we will upload all matches for your local team and let you know when they are live.

No, anything you do on match days is valuable for someone visiting.

No, it’s not mandatory. You can choose in your account what the experience includes.

If you include sitting next to your guest at the match as part of your experience you can choose between seating together or not with guest, just make this clear.

Once a guest has paid their booking fee an appointment will appear in your Football Host account with all the information needed to speak to the guest.

Yes, guests will be invited to write a review on the experience after the match. You will be able to respond to any reviews written.

No, there is no limit, you set the prices as you see fit.

Football Host will only charge a booking fee to the guest. Transactions and payments with guests are handled by you. You will be able to ask for a deposit within x days from the booking, the full amount or just accept money when you meet guest. It’s your choice.

Yes, our team will be able to help you. Contact us here.