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Turín, Italia, Italy

About Juventus FC


Juventus Stadium

The Juventus Stadium (officially Allianz Stadium) inaugurated the 8th of September 2011, is the most modern  stadium in Italy. It´s the only stadium owned by the Football Club in its country.

Its capacity is about 41.000 seats, 3.600 of them are premium.


Strada Comunale di Altessano 131

How to get there

Bus: Lines 72, VE1, 86, 90, 3545, 3991. Train: Line SFMA (Stagione Torino Rigola-Stadio). Tram: Lines 3, 9.


Juventus FC is one of the most famous teams in the Serie A and in Italy; their home ground is in Turin.

They have won the Serie A 34 times, the last one being in the 2017-18 season. They have also won the Italian Cup 13 times and the Italian Super Cup 8 times.

These data have made Juventus the most glorified team in Italy and the team with the greatest number of records achieved. Both the FIFA and the IFFHS have named them Best Team several times.

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